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PayPal Interview Experience | On-Campus

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Round 1(Coding Round): This round basically had 2 coding questions. One is a dynamic programming based question and the second question is an implementation based question(Question is a simple one, but very lengthy implementation)

  • There are 2 hrs to solve these questions
  • Around 450 students gave the exam and 32 students got shortlisted for the interview
  • I was able to solve implementation-based qs completely and dp question partially and got shortlisted for the interview.

Round 2(Coding Interview): This round was basically a live coding round, The interviewer had shared a link with me where we both can code parallelly.

Round 3(Coding + Projects): In this round, I have been asked one coding question and questions on the projects that I have mentioned in my resume.

  • Check out this link for the question
  • I wasn’t able to come up with the correct logic instantly. I have taken some time. I created a histogram matrix and tried to explain to him we can figure out some logic here. I gave him a correct brute force approach. but due to lack of time, I wasn’t able to come up with efficient dp logic
  • Next, he looked into my resume and asked me to explain the projects, as I am an ECE student I only had hardware projects. He told me I can explain them. so I have clearly explained the problem statement and my solution, he gave me few situations where my project could fail and asked me to give a technical solution
  • I tried many solutions and finally gave him an efficient solution
  • Then I had one DSA-based project in my resume. it was about predicting the words while searching we have implemented this using Trie data structure. He asked me to code the main logic of my project. I was able to code it and the interviewer made some changes to it and made it more efficient. it went good and in the end, I told him if he can give me some more time, I could have told the efficient logic for the coding qs.
  • But due to time constraints, he couldn’t give me more time

Round 4(HR): The interview started with an introduction about myself and some casual talk about the weather and then he gave a question and asked me to explain the logic

  • The question was, there will be a robot at some point and its house located at some other point, That robot wants to go home but in between both the locations, there will be many Robo-killers so I have to tell if there exists a path to reach the home without the robot being killed.
  • It was a standard bfs/dfs based question. so I told him the logic and coded it as well. He got satisfied with my logic.
  • Then he asked me what are my aspirations in my life.
  • Being an ECE student why I am trying to join CSE based companies
  • Just some casual talk and the whole interview process went really smooth and all the interviewers were super friendly and supportive.

Suggestion: In the interview try to communicate with the interviewer as much as possible. speak out your thoughts then if you are making some mistakes the interviewers will help you at that time and your time will be saved. 

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Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2021
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