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PayPal Interview Experience for SE 2

  • Last Updated : 31 Aug, 2021

Round 1: Online Coding Challenge

  • It was held in HackerRank platform with 2 questions
  • Easy question with 50 Mark & Hard question with 100 mark
  • One of the questions was Beautiful Numbers and I don’t remember the other question.
  • I cleared 4 test cases (TC) out of 9 for hard question & 4 TC out of 26 in easy question


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  • Be prepared for hard questions from DP.
  • Please follow up with HR even if you didn’t perform well. They might be busy reviewing other applicants

Round 2: Problem Solving DS & Algo

Suggestion :

  • Even if you never have seen the question, please think out loud, the interviewer will guide you
  • Optimization is very important
  • Be ready to write the code without IDE

Round 3: Core java, OOPS Concepts, Microservices

  • I was asked core java concepts I was asked to write java 8 steams based code.
  • Spring & spring boot related questions in depth
  • OOPS concept with real-time examples & in-depth questions
  • SQL subqueries & query optimization

Round 4: Design Discussion (System and Database Design)

  • This round was supposed to happen separately but for me, it combined with round 3
  • I was asked to design OOD for files & folders

Rounds 2 to 5 happened in a single day and the results were announced within 2 hours. It was a long day

Round 5: Hiring Manager round

  • This round happened next week, I expected behavior & cultural questions but I was wrong
  • It was also a Coding round with 2 questions backtracking & HashSet
  • Optimization is mandatory. This round depends on the manager could be technical discussion or even design discussion

Verdict – Selected

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