Payoda Interview Experience | On-Campus for R& D Engineer

Round 1:

The round was online and was conducted on

It was my first time on talentrack … and was very different from other sites like hackerrank or interviewbit

I will tell at last how it was different

there were three questions..


All of them are standard questions and even had same examples as in these gfg links

Now how the compiler worked was…

there were two buttons …1 was to execute the program and you can give your own test cases…

2 was VALIDATE ..button… what this did was count the number of “for” and ” while” words in your program…

means count how many for loops and how many while loops…

you had to do each one of them in max count of these words of 2..

so like in the first question max water … first for loop is for taking input.. and second while loop is for 2 pointer approach only then your code would be validated and you would be allowed to even submit the code…

On other platforms  there is partial marking that if you do it using 3 for loops .. one to take the input and other 2 to process.  then this would give run for some partial test cases and tle for rest…

but in this.. it was not even being submitted without optimization..

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