Payload in Computer Networks

Payload During the transmission of the data with the Internet Protocol from the sender to receiver. Data is sent in terms of packets and individual packets contain a header and the data which is sent by the sender this data is called Payload. Headers are appended to the payload for transport and then discarded when they successfully reach their destination. The main their source of transfer Virus is Payload

IPv6 :

This is the format of the latest IPv6 Header Format. The length of the payload is 16bits.

Payload length :

  1. The Payload Length column shows the length of the data payload in 1Pv6.
  2. The Payload Length field is the length of the IPv6 in the above diagram not including the length of the header Hop limit but these fields are in the Payload Length field.
  3. The 16-bits size of this field limits its maximum value to 65,535 (64KB), which applies to the payload length.

IPv4 :

  • Length of entire IP Packet (including IP header and IP Payload).
  • IP packet encapsulates the data unit received from the network layer and adds to its own header information. The encapsulated data is referred to as IP Payload.
  • 16-bits size of this field length.

Examples of the Payload :

  1. In Programming sending the data is terms of JSON Format and XML Format :
    { “data”: { “message”: “Welcome, GFG!” } } 
  2. In the Internet, Security Payload is like the most important tool for hackers after finding the vulnerability of a particular System they execute malware and called Malware Payload. They distribute with the help of Phishing email and they bind the payload with some other application. Today’s Hacker encrypts the payload so that Internet Security and System Security cannot able to find the signature of the Payload.
  3. Payloads include data destruction, messages with insulting text, or bulk email messages sent to a large number of people.

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