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Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) Interview Experience (Internship + FTE)

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 08 Jun, 2022
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So, basically, it was for a Full-time Internship + Performance-based PPO for a development role under Windchill Product. It consists of :

  1. Online Assessment.
  2. Technical Round.
  3. HR Round.

Online Assessment:  The Aptitude test was based on the Mettl Platform. The test link was available from 20th May to 25th may till 11 a.m. . There were total 5 sections On MCQs

  • Aptitude, Logical, Data Interpretation, English.
  • Technical (C, C++) output-based MCQs.
  • Technical (Java) output-based MCQs.
  • 10 questions based on SQL query.
  • 5 questions based on Selenium.

Technical Round: Technical Interview of around 40-45 minutes but went till 1hr 30 minutes. PTC has its windchill product which uses java so the interview was on the basis of the java concept.

Java part :

  • Introduce Yourself.
  • Polymorphism.
  • Difference Between ArrayList and List.
  • One Coding Question based on an array, to print even no. of digit:
Input: [1,123,1234,567]
Output: 1234
  • Another coding question was based on. To print Reverse of String such that special symbols  should not be changed their positions :
Input : "a.b$c"
Output : "c.b$a"
  • Questions were asked on the basis of projects. It took a Little Time.
  • Some queries were asked related to my project and of course dbms queries because it is a core subject .
  • Difference Between Set and List in terms of java.
  • There is ABC Corporation . It has 200 shares  and Per Share cost 50rs. Suddenly 50% of increment is gained and later on 40% of fall of Share . What would be the gain and loss.
  • Queue data structure.
  • LILO ?? What is it.

HR Round: On the same round HR was conducted. For me,  he asked me to rate my skills in java. Next question was based on this “Why would you rate this much ” . Then he asked me the “What skillset of your’s will help to this company”.  @ puzzles were asked :

  • You have 2 cans of 5-litre & 3-litre each cans don’t have measuring scale. Measure & give only 4-liter water. You can assume you have plenty of water.
  • There are 3 bells which ran at 2min, 3min and 4min . Within 2 hours how many times the bells will ring together.

Finally, HR asked “Do you have any questions”!!

Verdict: Selected or Not Selected Does not matter just experience and share experience you will get more experience!!!

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