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Gblog GEEK-O-LYMPICS 2022 – May The Geeks Force Be With You!
Is it possible to have tons of fun while maintaining your competitive spirit? Totally! It is 100% possible. For the geeks who code hard and… Read More
On line test consist of 4 sections analytical, quant, computer science and English. Coding on paper(45 min): Based on scores they shortlisted for ST, APPS… Read More
Online round: In this round there were 20 MCQ’s to solve and 2 coding question. Of the 20MCQ’s a couple of questions were on Quantitative… Read More
1. Brief explanation of a research project done in summers. 2. Algorithmic: An infinite stream of numbers is given. The stream is stopped at an… Read More
I am an off-campus hire. Please find my interview experience below: 1) Initially two written test were conducted: a. First is aptitude (25 Arithmetic Aptitude… Read More
Hi, I was interviewed at Flipkart few days back. I was contacted by one of their head hunters. The process was as follows :   2… Read More
Online Technical Round (2 hrs) 7 coding problems were given along with 13 MCQs. Coding Problems were very easy. Online Aptitude Round(50 minutes) 45 questions… Read More
My interview comprised of 3 rounds. 1 Online and 2 face to face rounds. Online Round In this round there were 20 MCQ’s to solve… Read More
Consider the circuit in the diagram. The ⊕ operator represents Ex-OR. The D flipflops are initialized to zeroes (cleared). The following data: 100110000 is supplied… Read More
Given two three bit numbers a2a1a0 and b2b1b0 and c, the carry in, the function that represents the carry generate function when these two numbers… Read More
Consider the circuit above. Which one of the following options correctly represents f (x, y, z)? (A) xz’ + xy + y’z (B) xz’ +… Read More
Consider the regular language L = (111 + 11111)*. The minimum number of states in any DFA accepting this languages is: (A) 3 (B) 5… Read More
Let L1 be a regular language, L2 be a deterministic context-free language and L3 a recursively enumerable, but not recursive, language. Which one of the… Read More
Consider the following statements about the context free grammar G = {S → SS, S → ab, S → ba, S → Ε} I. G… Read More
Let SHAM3 be the problem of finding a Hamiltonian cycle in a graph G = (V,E) with V divisible by 3 and DHAM3 be the… Read More
For S ∈ (0 + 1) * let d(s) denote the decimal value of s (e.g. d(101) = 5). Let L = {s ∈ (0… Read More

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