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Gblog SDE SHEET – A Complete Guide for SDE Preparation
What is SDE Sheet? SDE Sheet is a list of the most important topics or the most popular questions that are asked in the Software… Read More
What is the output for the following code snippet? #include<stdio.h> #define A -B #define B -C #define C 5    int main() {   printf("The value… Read More
Oracle visited our campus to recruit students for the post of Applications Development Engineer.  Round-1 (Online Test)  This test comprised of questions broadly from four… Read More
Given a string, find the count of distinct subsequences of it.  Examples:  Input : str = "gfg" Output : 7 The seven distinct subsequences are… Read More
Round 1: Coding Q.1 A 5*5 matrix of spiral order is Now for an N*N spiral matrix filled similar to one given above, find element… Read More
Given an input string and a pattern, check if characters in the input string follows the same order as determined by characters present in the… Read More
Kuliza Technology visited our college for campus hiring.The selection process was as follows:- 1-written test Kuliza technology conducted a 2 hour online written test which… Read More
C/C++ has very loose definitions on its basic integer data types (char, short, int, long, and long long). The language guarantees that they can represent… Read More
Hello guys, recently FactSet visited our college for campus recruitment. I Would like to thank GeeksforGeeks team for such an amazing platform. It helped me… Read More
It consists of 10 questions. which have to be done in 1hr(subjective questions)  Question are like:  1: Deduce the locker code given that there are 4… Read More
  MAQ Software Interview Experience (On-Campus FTE+Internship) There were four rounds. Round 1: This round was an offline written round.It consisted of 30 aptitiude questions… Read More
Kronos came to our campus to hire intern.I am describing the process. Location : Noida C.G.P.A criteria- 7.0+ Round 1: Online Round of 2 hours… Read More
Riverbed Technology, Bangalore visited our college for campus hiring. The selection process included One Online MCQ test , One Coding round and three technical interviews.… Read More
Round 1(percentage based shortlisting) Expedia shortlisted around 90 students who had an aggregate percentage above 70%. Round 2 (20 MCQs & 2 Coding questions) Hosted… Read More
Python has predefined functions for many mathematical, logical, relational, bitwise etc operations under the module “operator”. Some of the basic functions are covered in this… Read More
Given a binary string, find if it is possible to make all its digits equal (either all 0’s or all 1’s) by flipping exactly one… Read More

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