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Gblog GeeksforGeeks Jobathon – Are You Ready For This Hiring Challenge?
Why this GeeksforGeeks Jobathon…?? Okay, let’s get to know it: Everyone will agree with this, especially college students or freshers, that to get connected with… Read More
Hi, I recently got an offer from Amazon, here is my interview experience: Round-1: (Written) Q-1: Search element in infinite sorted array. Q-2: Fine LCA… Read More
I recently attended Komli media interview and wanted to share the experience. First Round(Written) 1. Midas has boxes in three sizes: large, medium, and small.… Read More
Round 1 – Telephonic 1. Find element in an array which have elements in first increasing and then decreasing order. (code) 2. Find if two… Read More
I was interviewed recently and got through Oracle ST. I can’t remember many questions but I will try to tell as much as I can.… Read More
I recently got an internship offer from Microsoft IDC and would like to share my interview experience. It’s a little long because I’m sharing my… Read More
I had three rounds of interviews for Visa on campus (all technical). First round majorly focused on the projects I had done as part of… Read More
Predict the output of following C++ programs. 1) #include <iostream> void init(int a=1, int b=2, int c=3);    int main() {     init();     return 0; }… Read More
There were total 3 rounds. First Round: It was online coding round, conducted through hackerrank. There were total 6 questions, in which every type of… Read More
Given a directed graph, a source vertex ‘s’ and a destination vertex ‘d’, print all paths from given ‘s’ to ‘d’. Consider the following directed graph.… Read More
Factorial of a non-negative integer, is the multiplication of all integers smaller than or equal to n. For example factorial of 6 is 6*5*4*3*2*1 which… Read More
Recently i was interviewed for the position of Software Engineer(Fresher) in Bangalore. Round 1: In the first round there was some aptitude questions and one… Read More
Given a Binary Tree and a number k, remove all nodes that lie only on root to leaf path(s) of length smaller than k. If… Read More
Given a string ‘str’, check if it can be constructed by taking a substring of it and appending multiple copies of the substring together. Examples: … Read More
Recently I was interviewed for the position of SDE 2 I have 4 years of work experience .Following were the asked. Note: For all of… Read More
Interview 1: The interviewer asked me about my resume which was followed by the following question.Given a function mapped from integers to real numbers, which… Read More

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