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Gblog GeeksforGeeks Jobathon – Are You Ready For This Hiring Challenge?
Why this GeeksforGeeks Jobathon…?? Okay, let’s get to know it: Everyone will agree with this, especially college students or freshers, that to get connected with… Read More
Here’s my experience of Qubole interview. Input: Was csv files of fb users data. Questions for above Input: 1. Parse the data and build a… Read More
To put the 8085 microprocessor in the wait state (A) lower the-HOLD input (B) lower the READY input (C) raise the HOLD input (D) raise… Read More
The number 43 in 2’s complement representation is (A) 01010101 (B) 11010101 (C) 00101011 (D) 10101011 Answer: (C) Explanation: In2’s complement representation, positive numbers are… Read More
Here’s my interview experience at PayU india (fresher). Round 1 Firstly, a discussion of projects in resume and a detailed chat on my internship 1.… Read More
Let L denotes the language generated by the grammar S -> 0S0/00. Which of the following is true? (A) L = 0+ (B) L is… Read More
Let S and T be language over Σ = {a,b} represented by the regular expressions (a+b*)* and (a+b)*, respectively. Which of the following is true?… Read More
Following is my Interview experience in Adobe Bangalore for the profile of White Box Test Engineer. Written Round There were two parts technical and aptitude… Read More
Written: Question 1. Suppose u have given a string like 123456342184321 and a second-string like 1234. Find all permutations of the second string (1234) in the… Read More
Let us consider the following problem to understand Binary Indexed Tree.We have an array arr[0 . . . n-1]. We would like to 1 Compute the… Read More
I recently got an offer from Amazon Delhi. Here goes my interview experience. Telephonic Round Q1. Find kth element from the end of a singly… Read More
The determinant of the matrix is (A) 5 (B) 0 (C) 4 (D) 20 Answer: (C) Explanation: It is a 4*4 matrix, in the first… Read More
An n x n array v is defined as follows: v[i, j] = i-j for all i, j, 1 <= i <= n, 1 <=… Read More
The minimum number of cards to be dealt from an arbitrarily shuffled deck of 52 cards to guarantee that three cards are from some same… Read More
Reverse DNS look up is using an internet IP address to find a domain name. For example, if you type in browser, it automatically… Read More
Even if we were to search around the world, it would be a truly difficult job to find someone like Deepali. As a Computer Science… Read More

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