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Gblog SDE SHEET – A Complete Guide for SDE Preparation
What is SDE Sheet? SDE Sheet is a list of the most important topics or the most popular questions that are asked in the Software… Read More
Relative mode of addressing is most relevant to writing (A) co-routines (B) position-independent code (C) shareable code (D) interrupt handerls Answer: (B) Explanation: Quiz of… Read More
Which of the following sequences denotes the post order traversal sequence of the given tree? a / \ b e / \ / c d… Read More
In the balanced binary tree in the below figure, how many nodes will become unbalanced when a node is inserted as a child of the… Read More
Server-side Programming : It is the program that runs on server dealing with the generation of content of web page. 1) Querying the database 2)… Read More
An advantage of chained hash table (external hashing) over the open addressing scheme is (A) Worst case complexity of search operations is less (B) Space… Read More
Consider the following statements: i. First-in-first out types of computations are efficiently supported by STACKS. ii. Implementing LISTS on linked lists is more efficient than… Read More
Which of the following is false?               (A) a (B) b (C) c (D) d Answer: (B) Explanation: Quiz… Read More
Generating a random number has always been an important application and having many uses in daily life. Python offers a function that can generate random… Read More
Let L ⊆ ∑* where ∑ = {a, b}. Which of the following is true ? (A) L = { x | x has an equal number of… Read More
Prerequisite – Paging Page table has page table entries where each page table entry stores a frame number and optional status (like protection) bits. Many… Read More
Which of the following statements is false? (A) The Halting Problem of Turing machines is undecidable (B) Determining whether a context-free grammar is ambiguous is… Read More
Which two of the following four regular expressions are equivalent? (ε is the empty string). (i). (00)*(ε+0) (ii). (00)* (iii). 0* (iv). 0(00)* (A) (i)… Read More
Let Ax=b be a system of linear equations where A is an m×n matrix and b is a m×1 column vector and X is an… Read More
The formula used to compute an approximation for the second derivative of a function f at a point X0 is          … Read More
Two dice are thrown simultaneously. The probability  that at least one of them will have 6 facing up is (A) 1/36 (B) 1/3 (C) 25/36… Read More

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