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Gblog SDE SHEET – A Complete Guide for SDE Preparation
What is SDE Sheet? SDE Sheet is a list of the most important topics or the most popular questions that are asked in the Software… Read More
We are given a string and we have to use shell script print it in the reverse order. Asked in FICO Examples: Input : geeksforgeeks… Read More
Given a number N, print the following pattern. Examples : Input : 4 Output : 4444444 4333334 4322234 4321234 4322234 4333334 4444444 Explanation: (1) Given… Read More
As know FTP is a reliable protocol used for transferring files over the Internet. Though it is not a secure protocol, and all the data… Read More
Given a binary string, find the longest subsequence of the form (0)*(1)*(0)* in it. Basically we need to divide the string into 3 non overlapping… Read More
Subscript: The <sub> tag is used to add a subscript text to the HTML document. The <sub> tag defines the subscript text. Subscript text appears… Read More
Constants are either identifiers or simple names that can be assigned any fixed values. They are similar to a variable except that they can never… Read More
In this article, we will look at what happened when we exceed the valid range of built-in data types in C++ with some examples. Example… Read More
Given an array of words, print all anagrams together ? Examples: Input : arr = ['cat', 'dog', 'tac', 'god', 'act'] Output : 'cat tac act… Read More
There are two vector A and B and we have to find the dot product and cross product of two vector array. Dot product is… Read More
Given a string consisting of alphabets and others characters, remove all the characters other then alphabets and print the string so formed. Examples:   Input : $Gee*k;,… Read More
Prerequisite – MERGE Statement As MERGE statement in SQL, as discussed before in the previous post, is the combination of three INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE statements.… Read More
Given a value n, we need to print the following pattern accordingly, using only constant extra space.Examples:   Input : n = 1 Output : x… Read More
Prerequisite – INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE The MERGE command in SQL is actually a combination of three SQL statements: INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE. In simple words,… Read More
Iterated Logarithm or Log*(n) is the number of times the logarithm function must be iteratively applied before the result is less than or equal to… Read More
Round 1: (Written) General Aptitude (60 questions in 30 minutes) Programming MCQ (30 questions in 15 minutes) Two programming (Tree and DP) (2 questions in… Read More

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