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Gblog Must Do Coding Questions for Product Based Companies
As the placement season is back, GeeksforGeeks is here to help you crack the interview. We have selected some most commonly asked and MUST DO… Read More
A cube is built using 64 cubic blocks of side one unit. After it is built, one cubic block is removed from every corner of… Read More
If ‘relftaga’ means carefree, ‘otaga’ means careful and ‘fertaga’ means careless, which of the following could mean ‘aftercare’? (A) zentaga (B) tagafer (C) tagazen (D)… Read More
Archimedes said, “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I will move the world.” The sentence above… Read More
A rewording of something written or spoken is a ______________. (A) paraphrase (B) paradox (C) paradigm (D) paraffin Answer: (A) Explanation: Paraphrase – To express… Read More
Out of the following four sentences, select the most suitable sentence with respect to grammar and usage. (A) I will not leave the place until… Read More
Comments that execute : Till now, we were always taught “Comments do not Execute”. Let us see today “The comments that execute” Following is the… Read More
Python is one of the most popular programming languages nowadays on account of its code readability and simplicity. All thanks to Guido Van Rossum, its creator. I’ve… Read More
Given an array of integers, count number of subarrays (of size more than one) that are strictly increasing. Expected Time Complexity : O(n) Expected Extra Space: O(1)… Read More
In the previous fact, we have seen that Python doesn’t have the static keyword. All variables that are assigned a value in the class declaration… Read More
List comprehension is an elegant way to define and create a list in python. We can create lists just like mathematical statements and in one… Read More
C++ 11 introduced lambda expression to allow us write an inline function which can be used for short snippets of code that are not going… Read More
Scanner is a class in java.util package used for obtaining the input of the primitive types like int, double, etc. and strings. It is the… Read More
In Python, we can return multiple values from a function. Following are different ways 1) Using Object: This is similar to C/C++ and Java, we… Read More
In the previous two articles (Set 2 and Set 3), we discussed the basics of python. In this article, we will learn more about python… Read More
Click here for Set 1 and Set 2 of Vectors.    Vector – upper_bound and lower_bound Iterator lower_bound (Iterator first, Iterator last, const val) Iterator upper_bound… Read More

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