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Gblog Geek Week 2021 – The Biggest Festival For Programmers
The month of October brings along with itself festive vibes, good food & so many holidays too! Add to all that, a bit of geeky-ness.… Read More
What are the eigenvalues of the following 2 × 2 matrix? (A) -1 and 1 (B) 1 and 6 (C) 2 and 5 (D) 4… Read More
In Athena Health you can apply for anyone Development or Testing(QA) jobs. 1. The first round is for checking problem solving ability. It will contain… Read More
1. Recruitment process There was a written test which had four sections. Technical, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability. Shortlisted candidate went for technical interview… Read More
Consider the following system of equations in three real variables xl, x2 and x3 2×1 – x2 + 3×3 = 1 3×1- 2×2 + 5×3… Read More
Which one of the following graphs is NOT planar? (A) G1 (B) G2 (C) G3 (D) G4 Answer: (A) Explanation: A graph is planar if… Read More
Consider the set H of all 3 × 3 matrices of the type where a, b, c, d, e and f are real numbers and… Read More
Consider three decision problems P1, P2 and P3. It is known that P1 is decidable and P2 is undecidable. Which one of the following is… Read More
What is the minimum number of ordered pairs of non-negative numbers that should be chosen to ensure that there are two pairs (a, b) and… Read More
Let f: B → C and g: A → B be two functions and let h = f o g. Given that h is an… Read More
Let R and S be any two equivalence relations on a non-empty set A. Which one of the following statements is TRUE? (A) R ∪… Read More
What is the first order predicate calculus statement equivalent to the following? Every teacher is liked by some student (A) ∀(x) [teacher (x) → ∃… Read More
Let P, Q and R be three atomic prepositional assertions. Let X denote (P v Q) → R and Y denote (P → R) v… Read More
Suppose there are ⌈ log n ⌉ sorted lists of ⌊ n/log n ⌋ elements each. The time complexity of producing a sorted list of… Read More
Let G(V, E) an undirected graph with positive edge weights. Dijkstra’s single-source shortest path algorithm can be implemented using the binary heap data structure with… Read More
Suppose T(n) = 2T (n/2) + n, T(0) = T(1) = 1 Which one of the following is FALSE? (A) T(n) = O(n2) (B) T(n)… Read More