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Gblog Algo Geek – DSA Article Writing Contest By GeeksforGeeks
 A Contest of Writing DSA Based Articles…!! This single line must have created various queries in the minds of all the tech enthusiasts. And why… Read More
a.  The implication gate shown below, has two inputs (x and y), the output is 1 except when x=1 and y=0. Realize f=x’y  + xy’ using… Read More
[Subjective type] Design a deterministic finite state automaton (using minimum number of states) that recognizes the following language: L = { w ∈ {0,1}* |… Read More
IBM visited our campus in the month of September for the recruitment of Associate System Engineers. Round 1: It was an online test and it consisted… Read More
JPMC visited our campus for Full time and Internship opportunity. I sat for Summer Technology Analyst Program 2018. There were total of  3 rounds. First… Read More
[Subjective type] Given a regular expression for the set of binary strings where every 0 is immediately followed by exactly k 1’s and preceded by… Read More
[Subjective type] Two friends agree to meet at a park with the following conditions. Each will reach the park between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.… Read More
Suppose the domain set of an attribute consists of signed four digit numbers. What is the percentage rate of reduction in storage space of this… Read More
Which of the following query transformations (i.e., replacing the l.h.s. expression by the r.h.s. expression) is incorrect? R1 and R2 are relations. C1, C2 are… Read More
If an instruction takes i microseconds and a page fault takes an additional j microseconds, the effective instruction time if on the average a  page fault… Read More
Consider n processes sharing the CPU in a round-robin fashion. Assuming that each process switch takes s seconds, what must be the quantum size q… Read More
The overlay tree for a program is as shown below: What will be the size of the partition (in physical memory) required to load (and… Read More
Faster access to non-local variables is achieved using an array of pointers to activation records, called a (A) stack (B) heap (C) display (D) activation… Read More
Let A be a two dimensional array declared as follows: A: array [1 ... 10] [1 ... 15] of integer; Assuming that each integer takes… Read More
What is the result of the following program? program side-effect (input, output); var x, result: integer; function f (var x:integer):integer; begin x:x+1;f:=x; end; begin x:=5;… Read More
What value would the following function return for the input x=95 ? function fun (x:integer):integer; Begin If x >100 then fun = x-10 Else fun… Read More

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