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Do you remember the childhood days, when cricket was the major reason for living to you and how excited you used to be for that… Read More
Consider lines of slope -1 passing between nodes. Given a Binary Tree, print all diagonal elements in a binary tree belonging to the same line.… Read More
This pattern is easy to understand as the real world is full of adapters.   For example consider a USB to Ethernet adapter. We need this… Read More
Consider the following two statements: i. A hash function (these are often used for computing digital signatures) is an injective function. A. encryption technique such… Read More
Consider a TCP connection in a state where there are no outstanding ACKs. The sender sends two segments back to back. The sequence numbers of… Read More
Consider the following statements about the timeout value used in TCP. i. The timeout value is set to the RTT (Round Trip Time) measured during… Read More
The address sequence generated by tracing a particular program executing in a pure demand paging system with 100 bytes per page is 0100, 0200, 0430,… Read More
Let a memory have four free blocks of sizes 4k, 8k, 20k, 2k. These blocks are allocated following the best-fit strategy. The allocation requests are… Read More
Processes P1 and P2 use critical_flag in the following routine to achieve mutual exclusion. Assume that critical_flag is initialized to FALSE in the main program.… Read More
Consider an ambiguous grammar G and its disambiguated version D. Let the language recognized by the two grammars be denoted by L(G) and L(D) respectively.… Read More
The following circuit implements a two-input AND gate using two 2-1 multiplexers. What are the values of X1, X2, X3 ? (A) X1=b, X2=0, X3=a… Read More
Which of the following input sequences for a cross-coupled R-S flip-flop realized with two NAND gates may lead to an oscillation ? (A) 11, 00… Read More
A processor takes 12 cycles to complete an instruction I. The corresponding pipelined processor uses 6 stages with the execution times of 3, 2, 5,… Read More
Which of the following systems is a most likely candidate example of a pipe and filter architecture ? (A) Expert system (B) DB repository (C)… Read More
In the Spiral model of software development, the primary determinant in selecting activities in each iteration is (A) Iteration size (B) Cost (C) Adopted process… Read More
Consider a weighted undirected graph with positive edge weights and let uv be an edge in the graph. It is known that the shortest path… Read More