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Gblog GeeksforGeeks True Geek Tournament – 7 Days Marathon to Earn the ‘True Geek’ Title!
Do you remember the childhood days, when cricket was the major reason for living to you and how excited you used to be for that… Read More
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A palindromic prime (sometimes called a palprime) is a prime number that is also a palindromic number. Given a number n, print all palindromic primes smaller… Read More
The Longest Common Extension (LCE) problem considers a string s and computes, for each pair (L , R), the longest sub string of s that… Read More
Today we are going to discuss formatting files in the user’s workspace by their extension. For this we are going to make use of Clang’s… Read More
Heap data structure can be implemented in a range using STL which allows faster input into heap and retrieval of a number always results in… Read More
Solution to removing spaces from a string is already posted here. In this article another solution using stringstream is discussed.  Algorithm:  1. Enter the whole… Read More
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You are given n days and for each day (di) you could either perform a high effort tasks (hi) or a low effort tasks (li)… Read More
Hi, Recently I got a chance to attend the off campus interview with Amazon (SDE-1).Every code they asked to write on paper and full production… Read More
Maximize arr[j] – arr[i] + arr[l] – arr[k], such that i < j < k < l. Find the maximum value of arr[j] – arr[i]… Read More
Teradata has visited our campus on 18 July 2016. They hired for two profiles: Developer and Test. I was shortlisted for the developer profile. The… Read More
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