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Pre-requisite: BIT(Binary Indexed Tree or Fenwick Tree), 2D BITGiven a 2D plane, respond to Q queries, each of the following type:  Insert x y –… Read More
Add two fraction a/b and c/d and print answer in simplest form.Examples :   Input: 1/2 + 3/2 Output: 2/1 Input: 1/3 + 3/9 Output: 2/3… Read More
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Change gender of string i.e toggle all the gender-specific words in the input string. Examples: Input: “she is my sister” Output: “he is my brother”.… Read More
  Global variables are the one that is defined and declared outside a function and we need to use them inside a function.   Python3 #… Read More
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Some of the string methods are covered in the set 3 below String Methods Part- 1 More methods are discussed in this article 1. len()… Read More
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