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Gblog First Step to DSA – Scholarship Test For 9 to 12 Class Students
“Start Early even if your destination is quite far away” – this success mantra always works for everyone whether it be a student, a sportsperson,… Read More
Before we start discussing about __func__, let us write some code snippet and anticipate the output: #include <stdio.h>    int main() {    printf("%s",__func__);    return 0;… Read More
Given two integer arrays of same size, “arr[]” and “index[]”, reorder elements in “arr[]” according to given index array. It is not allowed to given… Read More
PHP is the Web development (Server Side Scripting Language) written and developed for web developers.It was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994, for maintaining his personal… Read More
Job Profile : System Engineer (on Campus) Round-1: Pen and paper test was conducted.There were about 30 MCQ’s. 4 aptitude and 26 technical questions.Technical questions… Read More
Given a binary tree, we need to check it has heap property or not, Binary tree need to fulfill the following two conditions for being… Read More
Prerequisite – Interface, Abstract Class  Abstraction: Hiding the internal implementation of the feature and only showing the functionality to the users. i.e. what it works… Read More
This article is for all the beginners who have just started Android development Tools on Eclipse IDE for developing the android applications. Most of the… Read More
Recently Zillious visited our campus and take three rounds for final selection. Written Round : 25 MCQ’s based on C & C++ output, OS, CN… Read More
Given an expression with only ‘}’ and ‘{‘. The expression may not be balanced. Find minimum number of bracket reversals to make the expression balanced.Examples: … Read More
Nearbuy came to our college for internship. 1st round (90 minutes) 25 aptitude/puzzle questions (included josephus problem, weighing scale and balls problem, locker problem etc).… Read More
Round 1: online Test, 30 q’s 30 minutes, No –ve marking Out of around 200, 40 cleared this round Q’s: DBMS, Apti, C output type,… Read More
Given a string, that contains a special character together with alphabets (‘a’ to ‘z’ and ‘A’ to ‘Z’), reverse the string in a way that… Read More
Hitachi consulting is a company where they want a person who is all rounder, not just a coder or a speaker. They want a person… Read More
In JavaScript, there are two types of scopes Global Scope – Scope outside the outermost function attached to window. Local Scope – Inside the function… Read More
Relational Model was proposed by E.F. Codd to model data in the form of relations or tables. After designing the conceptual model of Database using… Read More