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Gblog Geek Week 2021 – The Biggest Festival For Programmers
The month of October brings along with itself festive vibes, good food & so many holidays too! Add to all that, a bit of geeky-ness.… Read More
I was selected for direct Technical Interview by qualifying CodeVita (Round 1) 2017. This year CodeVita was held for individual participants. We were called at… Read More
Stack is a linear data structure. It follows LIFO(Last In First Out) pattern for Input/output. Following three basic operations are performed in the stack: Push:… Read More
This was for Skype team. 2 Interviews with managers, 1 with partner. First Round (1.5 hour) Discussion on previous projects. Given a sorted integer array,… Read More
We are given a number n. Our task is to check whether the number is circular prime or not.Circular Prime : A prime number is… Read More
You are standing in one of the biggest palaces in the world “Hofburg Palace, Vienna”. In palace, five commando are staying. Each commando has been… Read More
You have given 9 dots in the form of 2d matrix 3 * 3. Your task is to draw four straight lines without lifting the… Read More
Mostly compiler(gcc or clang) of C and C++, nowadays come with default 64-bit version. Well it would be a good option in terms of speed… Read More
Round 1 Write code for Sudoku Validator in most optimal time and space complexity ? Reference: GeeksforGeeks Link Write a code to verify BST Tree… Read More
In C, when there are many repeated values, we can use a shorthand array notation to define array. Below program demonstrates same. // C program… Read More
Aside from the river, there is 1 policeman, 1 robber, 1 blond haired woman, and her 2 children and 1 red-haired woman and her 2… Read More
We are given n blocks of size 1 x 1, we need to find the minimum perimeter of the grid made by these blocks.Examples :  … Read More
( ) + ( ) + ( ) + ( ) + ( ) = 30 This is what you have for equation and following… Read More
For a database relation R(a,b,c,d), where the domains a, b, c, d include only atomic values, only the following functional dependencies and those that can… Read More
There are three variants of compareTo() method. This article depicts about all of them, as follows 1. int compareTo(Object obj) : This method compares this… Read More
Given a positive number n, count total bit in it.Examples:   Input : 13 Output : 4 Binary representation of 13 is 1101 Input : 183… Read More