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We all can see how this COVID-19 pandemic has turned the nation upside down. There is an emergent loss of human life at one end… Read More
What is the output of following program? #include <stdio.h>    void print(int n, int j) {    if (j >= n)       return;    if (n-j > 0… Read More
I recently had a set of interviews with and listing below the questions. The day had around 15-20 of us at their office and… Read More
Amazon visited our campus on 16,17 and 18 Dec. WRITTEN ROUND(1.5 hrs) 20 MCQ + 2 CODE MCQ- mainly Aptitude, C-output questions, OS- unix related… Read More
My name is Ravi Chandra. Today I have attended Microsoft interview in Bangalore. I was referred by a consultant. Interviews were conducted for various positions… Read More
#include <stdio.h> int main() {     //Assume sizeof character is 1 byte and sizeof integer is 4 bytes     printf("%d", sizeof(printf("GeeksQuiz")));     return 0; } (A) GeeksQuiz4 (B)… Read More
#include <stdio.h> int main() {     int i = 5, j = 10, k = 15;     printf("%d ", sizeof(k /= i + j));     printf("%d", k);     return… Read More
The maximum number of binary trees that can be formed with three unlabeled nodes is: (A) 1 (B) 5 (C) 4 (D) 3 Answer: (B)… Read More
In a complete k-ary tree, every internal node has exactly k children or no child. The number of leaves in such a tree with n… Read More
Level of a node is distance from root to that node. For example, level of root is 1 and levels of left and right children… Read More
What are the main applications of tree data structure? 1) Manipulate hierarchical data 2) Make information easy to search (see tree traversal). 3) Manipulate sorted… Read More
The inorder and preorder traversal of a binary tree are d b e a f c g and a b d e c f g,… Read More
What is common in three different types of traversals (Inorder, Preorder and Postorder)? (A) Root is visited before right subtree (B) Left subtree is always… Read More
If arity of operators is fixed, then which of the following notations can be used to parse expressions without parentheses? a) Infix Notation (Inorder traversal… Read More
Following function is supposed to calculate the maximum depth or height of a Binary tree — the number of nodes along the longest path from… Read More