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Gblog Geeks Summer Carnival – The Biggest Coding Festival is Back!
The opening breeze of summer has already blown – and like always, it has come up with a lot of positive and fun vibes. Some… Read More
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Recursive Enumerable (RE) or Type -0 Language RE languages or type-0 languages are generated by type-0 grammars. An RE language can be accepted or recognized… Read More
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NTT DATA came to my college in the month of February and I was in 8th Semester of my engineering. This company came for the… Read More
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This article helps to all those who want to begin with Competitive Programming. The only prerequisite one need is the knowledge of a programming language.… Read More
NOTE: Using an online compiler is not going to work here. Please install Python 2.7x and cv2, argparse modules to actually try out this example.… Read More