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Gblog Geeks Summer Carnival – The Biggest Coding Festival is Back!
The opening breeze of summer has already blown – and like always, it has come up with a lot of positive and fun vibes. Some… Read More
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constexpr is a feature added in C++ 11. The main idea is performance improvement of programs by doing computations at compile time rather than run… Read More
I got a call from amazon for opening in SDE – I. It started with a online screening round and followed by one telephonic and… Read More
We have already discussed a way to find time taken by a function through C libraries. If we are on Linux, then it becomes very… Read More
Open your desired video. Add “ss” to URL of your video in youtube. For example, if URL of your youtube video is, then new… Read More
Mixture is a combination of two or more elements to form a third element. The questions from mixture are usually based on Ratio and Proportion… Read More
Ratio and Proportion Ratio of two quantities ‘a’ and ‘b’ having same units is simply a / b and is usually written as a:b The… Read More
Percentages is an important topic not only from QA point of view, but also because of its extensive use in Data Interpretation. Percentage means per… Read More
Consider following C++ program. // A program to demonstrate need of namespace int main() {     int value;     value = 0;     double value; // Error here… Read More
Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm runs in O(Elog V) time when implemented with adjacency list representation (See C implementation and STL based C++ implementations for details).… Read More
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In Java, if there is a local variable in a method with same name as instance variable, then the local variable hides the instance variable.… Read More