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As the placement season is back so are we to help you ace the interview. We have selected some most commonly asked and must do… Read More
December 30, 2020
Sprinklr On-Campus Interview Experience : Round 1 : (Hackerrank test) 1hr 40 technical and aptitude mcqs , mostly technical from almost all topics(C,java,DBMS,OS,Networks,DS-Algo etc.) questions… Read More
SAP Labs On-Campus Interview Experience : Round 1 : (Online test) – 105min. MCQs of Analytical (Circular/2 row seating arrangement ,Relationships etc.), Design Aptitude ,Testing… Read More
The overall process was easy but short-list after the first round is key. Only 11 were shortlisted out of 150 appeared for the exam. First… Read More
Round 1 : (Online-test) 2hrs – 10-15 mcqs which consisted of C, C++ outputs, HTML, CSS, data structures questions. – 3 questions which were to… Read More
Grofers On Campus Interview Experience : Round 1 : (Online test) Section-wise time Online test was amcat which consisted of quant,verbal,LR etc. and 2 coding… Read More
HSBC came to our college for SDE profile Hiring. 1st Round: Four Coding Questions to be done in 2 hours; 1. Quick Sort on Doubly… Read More
I would like to share recent recruitment drive I attended from Paytm CS + Programming + Coding – Screening round 20 MCQ realted to C,… Read More
I had SAP Labs first round on 10th Oct 2015(ON-CAMPUS). The first round consisted of 15 logical reasoning numerical questions which were bit tough i… Read More
There were total of three rounds: 1. Written Test One question (time: 3Hrs) The questions were as follow: A company sells its products with a… Read More
In a C file (say sourcefile1.c), an array is defined as follows. Here, we don’t need to mention arrary arr size explicitly in [] because… Read More
Both of the following declarations for function pointers are equivalent. Second one (i.e. with typedef) looks cleaner. filter_none edit close play_arrow link brightness_4 code /*… Read More
Anyone of the following can be used to declare a node for a singly linked list and “NODEPTR nodePtr;” can be used to declare pointer… Read More
Anyone of the followings can be used to declare a node for a singly linked list. If we use the first declaration, “struct node *… Read More
In the below statement, ptr1 and ptr2 are uninitialized pointers to int i.e. they are pointing to some random address that may or may not… Read More
Round 1: Resume based CGPA>=5 Round 2: Online-Test Test was organized on hackerrank containing two section & total 22 question, first section contain 20 objective… Read More