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Gblog Must Do Coding Questions for Product Based Companies
As the placement season is back, Geeksforgeeks is here to help you crack the interview. We have selected some most commonly asked and MUST DO… Read More
February 15, 2021
In this article, we will see how to install Apache JMeter in Linux.  Here we will use Ubuntu which is a Linux distribution based on… Read More
The Apache HTTP server is one of the internet’s most popular web servers today, thanks to its versatility, consistency, and a plethora of features, some… Read More
SUID(Set-user Identification) and SGID(Set-group identification) are two special permissions that can be set on executable files, and These permissions allow the file being executed to… Read More
The ensureLink() function ensures that the link between the given two files exists. If the destination file doesn’t exist it will be created and a… Read More
Python is the most popular language for a decade, and we all know that python had a huge support of libraries that are used in… Read More
NetHogs is similar to Linux top command which is an open-source command-line program, that is used for monitoring network traffic in Linux. But do you… Read More
FFmpeg is the leading multimedia framework, able to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream, filter and play pretty much anything that humans and machines have… Read More
In this article, we will see how to install locate command to find files in Linux. locate is a command-line interface tool used for finding… Read More
A hex editor, in simple words, allows you to examine and edit binary files. The distinction between the standard text editor and the hex editor… Read More
Prove the following identities (1 – 13) Question 1. sec4θ – sec2θ = tan4θ + tan2θ   Solution: We have sec4θ – sec2θ = tan4θ… Read More
Question 11. A line perpendicular to the line segment joining the points (1, 0) and (2, 3) divides it in the ratio 1: n. Find… Read More
Question 1. Draw a quadrilateral in the Cartesian plane, whose vertices are (– 4, 5), (0, 7), (5, – 5), and (– 4, –2). Also,… Read More
Question 9. One side of a rhombus is of length 4 cm and the length of an altitude is 3.2 cm. Draw the rhombus. Solution: Steps… Read More