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Gblog Bi-Wizard School Coding Tournament By GeeksforGeeks – For Class 8-12 Students
Bi-Wizard School Coding Tournament by GeeksforGeeks – ‘Coding is the New Literacy’ and no one can deny this fact! And especially, when it comes to… Read More
In this article, we will try to understand how we could define as well as create an instance and non-instanced properties in JavaScript. Before analyzing… Read More
In this article, we are going to learn about Callbacks and Events in Nodejs. Both Callback and Events are important concepts of Nodejs. Let’s learn… Read More
The import keyword is used in Javascript to use the elements that are exported from other modules. The syntax for importing all exports of a… Read More
Markup languages are computer languages that are used to structure, format, or define relationships between different parts of text documents with the help of symbols… Read More
AJAX is a set of technologies that allows users to fetch data asynchronously without interfering with the existing page. We can fetch various types of… Read More
A javascript collection is much like a container.  It’s just an item that combines several elements into a single unit. Aggregate information is stored, accessed,… Read More
React Desktop is a popular library to bring the native desktop experience to the web. This library provides macOS and Windows OS components. It is… Read More
There are lots of tags that can be used as a container in HTML. These tags are generally divided into three parts, i.e., the opening… Read More
The console object in HTML provides access to the browser’s debugging console and working of the object console varies from browser to browser, but there… Read More
ABOUT COMPANY: EPAM is one of the dream-job for freshers nowadays which is getting exponentially popular. This is a product-based company where you’ll provide end-to-end… Read More
Optum came to VIT Vellore, for SDE role on Sept 26, 2021. It consists of 3 rounds. Everything was virtual.   Round 1(Written Test): It… Read More
In this post, we’ll see how to make a continuous integration pipeline for an npm project in Jenkins. We will be building, testing, and then… Read More
Bulma Button state classes are used to style the button according to a specific state. Using Bulma state classes we can style the buttons like… Read More
EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) is a distance-vector routing protocol that is used to automate routing decisions and configuration on a computer network. It’s… Read More
The ClusterIP provides a load-balanced IP address. One or more pods that match a label selector can forward traffic to the IP address. The ClusterIP… Read More

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