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p5.js TypedDict size() Method

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  • Last Updated : 25 Nov, 2020
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The size() method of p5.TypedDict in p5.js is used to get the current size of the dictionary. The size represents the number of key-value pairs currently present in the dictionary. A key-value pair is a set of two values that are mapped to each other. These values can be accessed by querying this dictionary using the key portion of the pair. A typed dictionary can store multiple key-value pairs that can be accessed using the methods of the dictionary.



Parameters: This method does not accept any parameters.

The example below illustrates the size() method in p5.js:



let tmp = 1;
function setup() {
  createCanvas(550, 500);
  text("Click the button to add a new entry " +
       "or check the size of the dictionary",
       20, 20);
  addBtn = createButton("Add a new entry");
  addBtn.position(30, 40);
  checkBtn =
    createButton("Check size of dictionary");
  checkBtn.position(30, 80);
  // Create a string dictionary with one entry
  numDict = createStringDict('k0', 'v0');
function addEntry() {
  // Add a new entry to the dictionary
  numDict.create("k" + tmp, "v" + tmp);
  text("New Entry added to the dictionary",
       20, 120 + tmp * 20);
function checkSize() {
  // Get the current size of the dictionary
  let currSize = numDict.size();
  // Display the current size
  text("The current size of the dictionary is: " +
       currSize, 20, 120 + tmp * 20);


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