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p5.js Environment Complete Reference

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print()It writes the content on console area of the web browser.
cursor()It sets the cursor to a predefined symbol or an image.
frameRate()It specifies the number of frames to be displayed every second.
noCursor()It is used to hide the cursor from view.
displayWidthIt stores the width of the screen display of the device.
displayHeightIt stores the height of the screen display of the device.
windowWidthIt stores the width of the inner window.
windowHeightIt stores the height of the inner window.
windowResized()It adjusts it height and width automatically whenever the size of the window is increased.
widthIt stores the width of the drawing canvas.
heightIt stores the height of the drawing canvas.
fullscreen()It is used to get the current fullscreen state of the user’s browser window.
pixelDensity()It sets the pixel scaling for high pixel density displays.
displayDensity()It returns the pixel density of the current display the sketch.
getURL()It is used to return the current URL.
getURLPath()It returns the current URL path as an array.
getURLParams()It return the current URL parameters as JavaScript object

Last Updated : 10 Aug, 2023
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