Oyo Rooms Interview experience | Set 22(On Campus for Software engineer)

Oyo rooms recently visited our campus and it conducted 3 rounds for Software engineer role. CGPA of 7 is must.

Round 1: Online test

  1. First round is an online coding round which contains 25 MCQ and 2 programming questions conducted on hackerearth. Solving one will guarantee a qualification for further rounds. Simple Brute force worked out on first programming question.
  2. Second is a tough one.
    Given a triangle and a number n find how many number of ways you can return to the same vertex where you started with total path distance n. Only a few solved it.

38 out of 70 are shortlisted.

Round 2: Technical round

    First he asked me about my project. My project is on Machine learning and I explained him pretty good.Then

  1. Given a doubly linked list convert it into a balanced BST and write the code
    I thought of using an AVL tree and wrote the code for it(partially).
  2. Second, he asked me to sort an array of 0 s, 1 s and 2 s in single traversal. Simple counting won’t work as it requires two traversals.
  3. Third, given a 2d matrix find the minimum cost path and also an additional constraint is given(extension to normal min cost dp problem). I told him the algo. He seemed pretty much impressed as I have answered all the questions.
  4. The interview lasted for 90 minutes. Then I got selected for 3rd round

Round 3:  Technical round

  1. First of all he asked me to find out pythagorean triplets in an array in o(n^2). I used sorting but he asked me not to use sorting. Then I did it using hashing.
  2. As I have written java as my programming language, he asked me some basic questions on java. Then again he asked for my project and explained him everything.
  3. He also asked me about operator overloading.
  4. He asked me about semaphores and implement them in java. I tried but failed.
  5. After the interview he said that he is impressed.

Finally an OYO official came and shook my hand. Hurray! I got selected

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