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Oyo Rooms Interview Experience(On Campus for Software Engineer)

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  • Last Updated : 21 May, 2020

Oyo rooms visited our campus and it conducted 3 rounds for the Software engineer role.

Round 1: Online Test

  1. First round is an online coding round which contains 10 MCQ and 2 programming questions.
  2. MCQs were on os, dbms, mainly. The difficulty level was medium.
  3. Question 1: Longest increasing subsequence :
  4. Question 2; Gray code (most optimised way):

Round 2: Technical Skills

It began with a quick set on questions on resume.

Note: The code should be correctly written

 1. The interviewer then asked me to write the code to print the vertical traversal of a binary tree.

2. It was a variation of tic and toe with n rows and n columns. I was told the winning states and was asked to implement it. — the question was asked because I have implemented tic tac toe in a project.

3.  The minimum time is taken to burn the tree completely if the leaves of the tree are set to fire. (bfs solution)

Round 3: Technical Skills

  1.    Asked to tell which concept to be used to design a message delivery system in which every message has priority.
  2.    Continuing the above question — heap implementation was asked in detail.
  3.    histogram question–
  4.    I was asked to tell how to design a dictionary (Trie data structure used) only concept was asked. Didn’t ask to write code.

Also , the focus was to check to write code correctly, problem solving skills and also optimizing the code further.

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