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OYO Rooms Interview Experience | Set 4 (For Backend Profile)

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Written Round
    • You have to design url shortening site have to enable history and expiry tracking of url.
    • Design database for your system.
    • Api endpoints you need to expose if I i need to make an application out of it.
    • How to scale for more than 10 million urls
  1. No of ways you can climb the stairs. Only 1 or 2 steps are allowed.
  2. Which can’t be done without recursion
  3. Which takes more than O (1) time for hash map data structure Insert Delete Sort Search
  4. Various what is time complexity for the following code questions.
  5. Can I use get instead of put/post to make a new resource.
  6. How indexing helps in improving performance of query.
Round 2
  1. Design database for hotel booking.
  2. Design snake and ladder game. With various classes and objects.

Last Updated : 11 Jun, 2019
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