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Oyo Rooms Interview Experience | Set 3 (For Backend Engineer, Experience <=1yrs)
  • Last Updated : 11 Jun, 2019

Wriiten Test

  1. One coding question of form minimum cost to travel from 0,0 to N-1,M-1, remaining MCQ for time complexity of running code,other technical questions
  2. How is Indexing helpful ?
  3. Can Get works in place for PUT/POST http ?

Interview Round 1

    Asked the projects worked in previous office
    Algo qstn : Give n courses from 1 to N ,find the no of semesters to complete the courses .under condition there are dependencies for Courses such as you need to complete i course before taking j course , the courses with No dependency will take 1 semester ,and any number of courses can be taken in 1 semester . Find minimum no of semester to complete course . Also check condition for if their is loop .
    Topological sort

Interview Round 2

  1. given and array,a[i] parent of i ,construct a n-arr tree
  2. find k length subarray with maximum sum in arr[]
  3. Dp problem ,to find the no of way u can have breakfast in n days ,given Bread butter can be eaten every day, Omelette you cannot have on consecutive days .
  4. Design a Database
  5. other Question on inner join, outer join

Interview Round 3

  1. Discussion on projects

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