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OYO Rooms Interview Experience | Set 10 (SDE-1)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 12 Jun, 2019

Off-Campus hiring drive for SDE-1

Round 1: Two Coding Questions on Hackerrank ( 90 minutes )

  2. Print a given matrix in spiral form

Round 2: F2F

Discussed approach for these questions and asked to write code for the same.

  1. Remove duplicates from an unsorted array.
  2. Lowest Common Ancestor in a Binary Tree
  3. Minimum number of jumps to reach end of an array

Round 3: F2F

  1. Find the element before which all elements are smaller and after which all elements are greater
  2. Cutting Rod dp
  3. Difference between semaphore, mutex and binary mutex.
  4. Difference between a thread and a process.
  5. What happens when parent process is killed and child process still exist.

Round 4: F2F

Detailed discussion about the work currently doing and features developed.
Discussion about project done in internship.

Round 5: F2F

  1. Given sorted dictionary find precedence characters
  2. LRU implementation
  3. Producer Consumer Problem

It was a positive experience, I was able to answer all the questions. Result awaited.

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