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Oyo Rooms Interview Experience | SDE-Full Time

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 06 Jan, 2020

Oyo Rooms Visited our Campus for Both Full time and Interns.

Round 1:

    This was online test conducted on hackerearth with 10 mcqs from os, dbms, ds & algos, cn And 2 programing questions .The duration of test was 1.5 hrs.

  1.  Given d, a, b and an array of integers.You can add/subtract a or b to d any number of times. You are supposed to find the count of numbers in the array which can be formed by applying these operations to d.
  2. Write a program to check whether given string of parenthesis is balanced or not.
    Solution: GeeksforGeeks Link
  3. Solving even 1 programming ques is enough .44 students were shortlisted from nearly 150 students.

Round 2:

    This was F2F round.the inteviewer was very polite and friendly.The discussion started with introduction and discussion on resume and projects .He asked two programming questions.

  1. Given a rotated array find the pivot point . Its time and space complexity
    Solution: GeeksforGeeks Link
  2. How to optimally join the given set of wires to form a full wire.The cost of a join is sum of length of the wires being joined. Its time and space complexity.
    Solution: GeeksforGeeks Link

Round 3:This was also a F2F round.

    the questions on os like process vs threads, scheduling algorithms.ACID properties.Sql queries. and project discussion.

    Again two programming ques were asked

  1. Lowest Common Ancestor
    Solution: GeeksforGeeks Link
  2. Sum of predecessor and succesor in a tree in inorder manner.
    Solution: GeeksforGeeks Link

Round 4:In this Round only one question was asked .

  1. How to store  a set of strings with anagrams according the count of frequency of occurrence.

The programming questions can be found easily on geeksforgeeks .Finally 19 students were selected.

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