OYO Rooms Interview Experience | SDE-2

Location: Hyderabad

Round 1:

Phone call round.

  1. Maximum path sum where path starts and ends with leaf in a binary tree
  2. Max house robber problem – single array
  3. find min k elements in an array of n elements.

Round 2:

Onsite started.

  1. Print boundary of a binary tree
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of indexes in database
  3. Min number of steps taken in a grid to reach from top left to bottom right, when you have blocking walls in between

Round 3:

  1. Design restaurant management system – LLD
  2. Differences btw process and thread
  3. Min time required to rot all arranges in a m x n grid
  4. questions on CAP theorem, ACID vs BASE properties

Round 4:

  1. Design chess – LLD
  2. questions on projects done at my prev companies.

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