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Oyo Rooms Interview experience | SDE-1 On-Campus 2019

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Oyo rooms recently visited Thapar for hiring intern+FTE on 13sept.  there were one online test and 2 rounds of technical interviews.

Round 1:

The online test was conducted on Interviewbit. The test had 2 coding questions and 10 mcq on technical stuffcoding questions were

the MCQ questions were mainly from OS, DBMS, SQL,   DS algo.

out of approx 400 people, 125 were shortlisted for interviews and a waiting list of 60 was announced.

for the waiting list, there was again an online test. 30 were shortlisted for interviews

Round 2:

this was a f2f round. This round was different for everyone. some had very easy questions and some it was difficult.

He asked me to introduce myself and give a brief overview of the resume. then he asked me about the current project and technologies which I was working on. then he asked me to solve

then he asked me to solve

I gave a solution using Hashmap, then he asked me if the complexity of map was always constant. Some discussion on the internal implementation of Hashmaps. Discussion of the self-balancing binary search tree, I told him about AVL and red-black trees. then he asked me to explain AVL and write a pseudo code for it.

Round 3:

this was a long round. it was about 70-90 mins. out of (125+30), 85 (70+15) were shortlisted for the second round.

He started by asking me a basic SQL query. then he grilled me on to OS. The major question was like process vs thread, Demand paging fork vs exec, starvation, thrashing, SJF semaphore vs mutex. He asked me to explain everything with an example. He also asked me about MLFQ

then he moved on to the coding part. he asked me a lot of questions which were mainly from arrays and linked list.some of them are

He asked me for the best approach and asked to write code on paper.

Result- 56 were selected for intern+FTE, and 4 were selected for intern only.

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Last Updated : 16 Sep, 2019
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