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OYO Rooms Interview Experience (On-Campus)
  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 02 Aug, 2018

Round 1: Round 1 was for 200 marks. 25 MCQs and 2 coding questions .The MCQs were mostly on aptitude and some were Technical (C++ output problems ) questions. Each of the MCQs carried 2 marks . One coding was a cakewalk problem (50 marks) and the other was medium level (100 marks) .
The first question was
The 2nd question was . I solved it recursively and it passed all the testcases .

Round 2: I got shortlisted for the next round .It was one-on-one interview . The interviewer asked me 2 questions on data structures .

Round 3: The interviewer asked me why i wanted to join OYO and to introduce myself .Then he asked me 2 coding questions .

Round 4:
This was the last round . The interviewer asked me 2coding and a puzzle .

After such lengthy process i finally got selected as (FTE + Intern) in oyo .

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