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OYO Rooms Interview Experience (On Campus for SDE1 2019)

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OYO Rooms visited TIET, Patiala on 13th September 2019. There was an online test and 2 rounds(3 for some people) of Interviews. All the Interviews were technical and there was no HR round.

It was a long process because OYO was expanding this year so they hired many students from our college.

Round 1: 

The online test was conducted on Interviewbit. The test had 2 coding questions and 10 MCQ on technical subjects which was to be done in 1.5 hours. Coding questions were

the MCQ questions were mainly from OS, DBMS, SQL queries and were pretty easy.

out of approx 400 people, 125 were shortlisted for interviews and also they waitlisted about 60 students for which they took a retest.

Round 2: I was one of the waitlisted students so 2nd round was the retest round on Interviewbit. I don’t know why I was waitlisted because I solved both the questions in the first round and checked all the MCQ answers which were right. Do not panic if this is the case, have patience and you’ll get through.

There were 2 questions to be solved in 1 hour. The questions were

Out of the 60 waitlisted 30 were shortlisted for Interviews.

Round 3: OYO mainly focuses on your DS and Algo knowledge.

My Interviewer was very polite and started with his Introduction and then I Introduced myself (make it short and talk about your education, projects, achievements and technical skills).

There were 2 questions he asked me

I gave a level-order traversal solution using queue and then he asked me to optimise it to O(1) space.

Gave him a recursive solution then optimised it using DP(to O(n) time and O(n) space) and then again optimised to O(1) space.

Round 4: This round was a DS round again for many of my friends. But for me, the interviewer asked me a mix of DS, OS, DBMS, SQL, OOPS questions. The questions were as follows:

I was only able to solve it partially but I spoke about my thought process all the time. The Interviewer then helped me complete the solution.

Then he asked me a puzzle

Then some general questions on OS, DBMS, SQL, OOPS like:

  1. Tell the difference between Mutex and semaphores.
  2. What is Indexing, why it is done and explain all the types of Indexing?
  3.  Given employee and dept table find the no of employees in each dept(Question on Joins).
  4. Difference between function overloading and function overriding with example. And also about runtime and compile time binding while overriding.

The result- 56 were selected for intern+FTE and I was one of them, and 4 were selected for intern only.

Some Tips:

  1. Your thought process is very important for the interviewer so talk it out what you are thinking so that he could help you of you get stuck.
  2. If you can’t solve the question, just start from a Brute force approach and then gradually you’ll reach the solution.
  3. Do not lose hope if you are not getting placed, just keep on practising and your day will definitely come.
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Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2019
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