OYO Rooms Interview Experience (On-Campus for SDE-1)

Oyo recently visited our campus for SDE-1 profile. There was a online test followed by two F2F interview rounds.

Round 1: The online test was taken on interviewbit platform. It was consisted of two coding questions and 10 mcqs on os and dbms. The coding questions were as following:

  1. https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/count-possible-decodings-given-digit-sequence/
  2. https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/palindrome-partitioning-dp-17/

Total 24 students were shortlisted after this round.

Round 2: The interviewer asked me to introduce myself. After which he directly moved to coding questions. The first problem was on finding all the subsets of an array. I solved it using binary representation of a number 0 to n-1 where n is the size of an array. He asked me to write the code for the same and also explain for the test case given to me.The second question asked was about maximizing the profit by buying and selling at most k times. I could not solve it completely but I gave various approaches which can be used and he was satisfied with my thinking process. At last he asked this question. He gave me one input to start thinking. I tried to get answer in that given input and then explained the dynamic programming approach. Later he asked me to write the code and do dry run of that.

Round 3: This round also started with brief introduction of myself. After that the interviewer looked at my resume and we had discussion about my projects. Simple questions like what the project was about and which technologies were used in those projects were asked. Then she moved to OS and DBMS questions.The questions like what is mutex, what is the difference between mutex and semaphore, what is deadlock and what are the necessary conditions for deadlock were asked. Then she drew one table with attribute name and values and asked to write query to find the student name with maximum marks for every department(student id, student name, department and mark was given).  The last question was a coding question to find order of characters from sorted dictionary of an alien language. At the end, we had discussion about the kind of technologies they use.

At the end of this round, the result was declared and total 11 students were selected including me.

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