Oyo Rooms Interview Experience for SDE(freshers)

Oyo Rooms visited our college for recruitment by August 2019. CS, IT, ECE, EEE & EIE students above CGPA 7.0 attended the online round.

Round 1: Online Round

Online test was conducted on Interviewbit platform. The test consists of 2 coding questions and 20 MCQ(networks, OS, DBMS, OOPS, Java).

Each coding question and MCQ is of different weightage. But everyone gets the same coding question and MCQ. One of the coding question is Given a matrix of ‘O’ and ‘X’, replace ‘O’ with ‘X’ if surrounded by ‘X’ 

Around 30 students were shortlisted for interview.

Round 2: Technical F2F interview

In this round they tested the coding skills and data structures. The interviewer asked me two coding questions. one of them is Minimum time required to rot all oranges and another one is Reverse a stack using recursion

Round 3: F2f interview

In this round they asked Largest subarray with equal number of 0s and 1s, Tiling problem, Puzzle : Rat and poison, Right view of binary tree and also on B trees.

From this round 8 students are called for round 4.

Round 4: F2f interview

In this round they asked a coding problem on binary tree level order traversal in reverse form and matrix dfs problem like Max area of island and dp problem Largest palindromic substring.

Next he asked indexing, hashing and normalisation in DBMS, process synchronization, mutex, semaphore, multithreading in OS and encapsulation, abstraction concepts in OOPS.

Finally 5 of us were given offer!!!

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