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OYO Rooms Interview Experience for SDE | On-Campus 2019

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 22 Nov, 2019

Oyo Rooms visited our college IIT Bhubaneswar for recruitment by November 2019.

Round 1: Online test was on Interviewbit platform

There were 2 sections in the online coding round. Since the preferred language was C/Cpp/Java/Python, I used Cpp to solve questions.

Section 1:  There are two questions in this section:

  2. longest consecutive sequence

Section 2:   There were 20 MCQs in this section. Topics covered in MCQs were C++, OPPs, OS, DBMS, SQL, Networks, etc. Some conceptual questions that a remember. Like

  1. Given 3 processes with arrival time, execution time and time quantum. we have to schedule the process using Robin Round and we have to find the average waiting time.
  2. We have given a class with constructor overloading. And we have to find some results but the default constructor was not given.
  3. What is the purpose of using Data abstraction?
  4. We have given inner and outer query and we have to tell which query uses other query results.
  5. Given a relational algebraic function and we have to find the prime key of the relation function.


Round 2:    First, he asked me about introducing yourself and then he asked me about my internship experience and projects and also asked the most challenging project of collage. Then he asked me some question:

  1. He asked me a question from the link list.
  2. A question from the heap.

He asked to write full code for the above problems. He also asked me how to create min-heap, the complexity of all operations in min-heap and the index of the left child, right child and parent of every node in an array. At last, he told me about the different profiles in the company.

Round 3:     In this round, he asked me depth knowledge of memory management, time complexity and SQL.  First, he asked me that you have given 1GB of unordered data stored in hard disk and only 100 MB main memory is available. I have to sort the given data with the help of the given main memory. He asked me the time complexity of my solution. That was a good discussion of 1 hour with the interviewer.

Then, he asked me a SQL query question: Given an employee table which has 3 columns Emp_ID, Emp_Name, and Salary. We have to find the number of employees who has a salary greater than that employee for every employee. The second interviewer checked my resume and he asked me about the project from the resume and concept of paging with the difference between logical, virtual address and concept of the segment from OS. The interview ended with some general discussion about the company.

At the end, the result was declared and a total of 6 students were selected including me. I hope my experience, will you.

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