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OYO Rooms Interview Experience for SDE-1 (Intern and FTE)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 02 Dec, 2020

OYO Rooms visited Our campus for SDE -1 (Intern And FTE) Virtually.

ROUND 1(Online Test): This round was held on the Hacker Earth platform 

  • Section1(Aptitude Questions): There were 10 Aptitude MCQ questions, which was pretty easy if you know OS, DBMS, DSA concepts.
  • Section2(Coding Questions): There were 2 Coding questions.
    1. You are given an Acyclic graph (can say n-ary tree)  where each node contains node values and the next node connected to it if any. we have to check all child node and its parent node except root. if the child has a higher value then its parent we decrease the child node’s value till it becomes equal to its parent or if the child has a lower value then it’s parents then we are okay we keep the child node’s value as it is… after that we have to give an output of total sum of the graph node values.

    2. Here we are given a number of buildings for each building we are given buildings’ location in grid and it’s heights in X, Y, H form and after giving all information about buildings we are given queries for each grid point x,y which form rectangle where the lower-left corner is (1,1) and the upper-right corner is (x, y) and we have to give the height of the tallest building in this rectangle for each query.

Where I solved the 2nd question fully and the 1st question partially. After that 15 students were shortlisted for Round 2. I was one of them (might be based on any one of the questions is solved or based on the top 15 scorers).

ROUND 2(Technical Interview): Firstly Interviewer gave me a short introduction about themselves and OYO also. After that, he told me to introduce myself. Then he moved to the technical questions(mainly DSA). He asked me if am comfortable with arrays or not. I said Yes. He asked me the following question

  1. Median of two sorted arrays of the same size. I started with Bruteforce then he told me to optimize it then I try to explain my optimized approach but unfortunately, I was not able to explain my optimized approach clearly. Then he gave me some time to make a clear optimized solution approach for the problem or asked me to we can move to the next question and I said yes then he gave me a second question for the interview.
  2. Queue based approach for first non-repeating character in a stream. Stated with Bruteforce then gave a sliding window solution, and he told me to code the approach, I did it, and there was some time left in 1-hour interview, so he gave me another question
  3. Count of smaller or equal elements in sorted array. Here also started with brute force and then gave a binary-search-based approach and coded the same.

The interviewer was very kind, and he explains all the questions very clearly and helped me to debug my code. Although my starting for the interview was not that good, I was not able to solve the first question but I  managed to give the solution to the next Two questions by maintaining the same confidence and ended the interview on a good note. so I moved to the next round I advise you if you get stuck or not able to solve the question just never lose hope. At least give a naive approach and have faith in you, the interviewer will help if you get stuck. 

Here 10 students were selected for the next round including me.

ROUND 3(Technical Interview): The interviewer started by asking me to tell briefly about my projects then he moved to the DSA questions 

The first question was

  1. Maximum size square sub-matrix with all 1s. After explaining the question to me, He directly told me to code my approach. I was pretty comfortable with the stack-based solution I started coding my approach and finished quickly. After he told me to explain my approach along with the test case, he gave me to debug. The interviewer was pretty happy with my approach, so he moved to the next question 
  2. Minimum steps to reach target by a Knight. Here also I started with a backtracking-based solution but here we have to find the minimum step so I gave him the BFS based solution then I explain my entire approach clearly, He was pretty convinced with my approach so he didn’t tell me to code the approach.

Then he asked me to ask SQL Query the Query was:

He gave me an Employee table with attributes (ID, SALARY) then he asked me to write an SQL query for finding the second-highest-paid employee In terms of salary. it was pretty easy It went all good.

Then he asked DBMS-ACID property with an example, I explain all properties by taking transaction example, and he ended up the interview by asking if I have any questions regarding interviews or anything

7 students were selected for the role, and I was one of them after failing in various company I’m finally able to convert it

Note: Explain the solution more clearly as you can, Go strong with DSA they might only focus on your programming skill Instead of HR or projects. Mainly Have faith in you, you are just one mail away from your company’s goal.

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