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Oyo Interview Experience(On Campus for FTE+Internship)

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Oyo recently visited my campus for FTE + INTERNSHIP. I had to go through 3 rounds.

Round1(Online Coding Test): The test was on InterviewBit and comprised of 2 coding questions.

  1. Length of Longest Increasing subsequence in an integer array.
  2. Ways to decode a numeric string.

and 12 MCQs based on OS and DBMS.

Round2 (First Technical Round):
The interviewer was quite friendly, asked me to give a brief intro about myself and then gave me 2 coding questions

  1. Check if Linked List is Palindromic or not.
  2. Minimum time to rot all oranges

I solved both of them with minimum time complexity and wrote the code for them.

Then he asked me whether I had any questions for him and I asked him about what technologies is OYO currently working on and what are their future plans since they are expanding at a fast rate.

Tip: Always be vocal with your approach and start off with the naive one even if you know the optimal solution.

After this only a few students were called for a third-round rest were selected/rejected on the basis of the second round itself.

Round3(Second Technical Round):
The interviewer was friendly as well. He gave me 2 questions.

  1. There is an array of size N consisting of unique elements in the range 0-N-1. Find max chunks in the array. Chunk means a sub-array which when sorted sorts the whole array. (The language might not be clear sorry :P)
  2. Given a binary tree, split it into 2 parts such that the sum of nodes of the first tree is equal to sum of nodes of the second tree.

I wasn’t able to come up with the logic for the first question but after he told me the logic, I was able to write the code for it. Then he asked me questions regarding my projects, ACID properties of databases, OOPs, and Deadlocks. I answered all of them correctly.

After 2 days of rigorous interviewing, they shortlisted 60 students(56 FTE + 4 Interns) and I was one of them.

Tip: Practice as many questions as you can from DSA. You should have good knowledge of OS and DBMS and OOPs concepts. Practice Dynamic Programming because they mostly ask questions from this topic. Study about the role they are offering and what has the company done so far.

Stay confident, stay true I would like to thank GeeksforGeeks for helping with my preparations.

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Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2019
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