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OYO Interview Experience SDE-2
  • Last Updated : 17 Jun, 2019
Round 1 – Online
  1. Matrix spiral print
  2. Print Cricket Scoreboard
Round 2 – F2F
  1. Design Drink vending machine, where drinks are customizable, Class Diagram, Interaction of Classes and their behavior
  2. Algorithm approach for reversing a linked list in groups of K alternatively
  3. Indexes implementation in Database, SQL as well as NoSQL
Round 3 – F2F
  1. Given a bag of weight W, and n items with individual weights w1, w2, ….wi, …wn , wi >=0, Determine number of ways items are selected so that their sum is exactly W.
  2. Determine if a Binary Tree is balanced
  3. Given a stream of integers, find kth greatest number
Round 4 – F2F
  1. Have you encountered a Production Bug, what was the approach
  2. Top 5 things you look during code review
  3. Description of current technical architecture
  4. Top 5 things you look during design
Round 5 – F2F
  1. Design a Parking Lot. Class Diagrams, Design Patterns
  2. Given n ropes, find the minimum cost for joining all into a single rope
  3. Difference between SQL and NoSQL, where to use

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