Oyo Interview Experience (On-Campus 2019)

Oyo visited our campus in late August-19, Interview process consisted of 3 rounds.

Round 1:(Online-Screening-Test)

They conducted an online screening round on interview-bit which consisted of 2 coding questions and 20 Mcq’s. Try to solve all the coding questions this will land you in a higher probability zone to get into further rounds.



Mcq’s mainly consisted the basics of run-time and compile-time polymorphism, deadlocks, i/o questions from cpp pointers and classes.

Round 2:(F2F Tech-Interview)

Interviewer was an ex-amazon employee, currently working as an SDE-2 in Oyo. Interview started with a common “Tell me about yourself ?”  and then he asked questions based on Dynamic-Programming and Data Structures.




Round 3:(F2F Tech-Interview)

In this round I was asked questions based on Dynamic Programming and conceptual questions about database indexing, Os etc.,


2.Explain how indexing is done in Database and why?

3.Clustered and non-clustered indexing in Database.

4.Some conceptual questions like “What if an index is created for every column, Will it increase the performance of the Database? Explain ?”

5.Process and Threads(Memory sharing)


Both the F2F interview rounds finished up in 2 hours and finally results were announced, 5 out of 52 students were selected.

Be clear with the concepts of Data Structures and Algorithms, dive into the depth rather skimming on the top .

Thank you

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