OYO Interview Experience Off Campus

I attended interview at Oyo Hyderabad Office. There are 5 rounds (1 written and 4 Face to Face)

Written Test: Written test is on hacker earth platform. There were 2 questions and need to solve in 80 Min. if you solve any one question, you are eligible for interview. instead of messing in written test, concentrate on one question which you are confident and attempt it.

Round 1:

  1. There are 2 sorted arrays  and one index is provided. let’s say 2 arrays as A and B and index I, we need to find 2 indexes x, y such that A[x]+A[y]+A[I]=B[I]. If we cant find the indexes, return -1.
  2. in the first question, equation is changed to A[x]*A[y]*A[I]=B[I]. Expected less than O(N) solution. He provided one hint about factors and i solved in O(N^(1/2)).
  3. Given a string and need to arrange the string such that same characters shouldn’t be adjacent. if we can’t arrange the string, return -1.  I solved the question using priority queue. First insert the queue with letter and Frequency and then pick the top element and insert it in queue with frequency reduced by 1. Again pop the element and check if it is same as previous element. if it is same as previous element, pop another one and push the previous one. He was happy with the solution.

some questions on Operating Systems and concluded.

Round 2:

  1. There is a matrix with size N*N and has three type of elements 0, 1, 2. 0-> Empty, 1->Fresh Tomatoes, 2->Rotten Tomatoes. On one unit time, The tomatoes around the rotten will be rotten. We need to find the min number of time units, all tomatoes will be rotten.
  2. Design Hotel Management System

Some questions on operating systems and Database

Round 3:

It’s a behavioral round and mostly on projects you have done and any most challenging task done in project.

Round 4:

  1. Design Coffee vending machine system with LLD
  2. https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/split-array-two-equal-sum-subarrays/

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