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OYO Interview Experience for SDE
  • Last Updated : 04 Sep, 2019

Round 1:

There were 2 coding questions to be solved and 20 MCQ questions. Both the section have individual Cut-offs. Many students after solving coding questions was not selected because they didn’t cleared MCQ’s cutoff. Level of coding question was easy.


Q2:- .MCQ’s was based on DBMS and OS.

Out of approximately 260 students registered 60 students cleared Online Round .

Round 2:

Interview Round 1 :- (Approx 70-80 min)

The interviewer asked me to tell about myself and then started things from my resume.

Since i have developer kind of profile and some good internship experience, he started with the projects i have done in my internship and was quite impressesd . So this discussion went for 20-25 min. Then he shifted to DSA and asked 3 questions :-

Q1 :-  This question took me 20 min to solve . I told me 2 approach with Time complexity O(n) and space complexity O(n) and O(1) .

Q2 :-

Q3 :-

I solved all the questions with effective time management for each question . As i was the last one to interview with OYO i was immediately called for the next round .

Round 3:

Interview Round 2 :- (Approx 1 hr)

The interviewer asked me to tell about myself and asked two DSA question .

Q1 :-

Q2 :-

I solved both the questions. If you are preparing for Oyo, prepare well for topics like DP and Tree. Most questions are asked from these two topics . 2nd question took me approx 25 min to solve. Then interviwer shifted to DBMS, few questions was :-

Tell me about ACID Properties.

What is Indexing. How it is implemented in real databases.

What is Normalisation.

Explain different types of normalisation.

Then interviwer shited to os question. I didn’t revised my concepts in OS i told him about it, Still he asked about

What is thread

Process vs Thread

Different Types of scheduling algorithms.

Thread loop questions.

I didn’t remember i answered any of these question perfectly. Just Prepare OS and DBMS as best as you can for OYO.

There was 3rd round for few students. I was told to wait forr the result . At Last i was offered a SLI with OYO.


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