OYO Interview Experience 2019 (On Campus)

Round 1: Online Round on InterviewBit platform. (2 hour)

This round was having 20 MCQs and 2 coding questions.

If you’re preparing for OYO Campus Drive for this year, I strongly recommend solving questions from the InterviewBit platform. They have a set of questions which are available on the InterviewBit.

Question 1: Min Jumps Array (Link: Minimum number of jumps )

Question 2: Gray Code Problem (Link: https://www.interviewbit.com/problems/gray-code/)

There were 20 MCQ. Most of them from Operating System chapter. Topics like:

  • Counting of the number of page fault using LRU, optimal and FIFO and which one is the best out of 3 methods.
  • 1-2 more questions from page fault theory.
  • C-SCAN disk scheduling algorithm.
  • Process scheduling.
  • Questions from OOPS like constructor copy, constructor overload.
  • Code snippets were given and we had to find out program output or OOPS related program with 3 different classes and we had to tell which destructor will be called first.
  • There was 1 question from Linux basics like “Command line argument to count the number of files in a directory”. Answer is ls | wc -l command-line argument.
  • There was 1 subjective question in between the MCQ questions in which we had to answer it in single integer (0-9)

I was not selected in this round since the coding question asked were totally unexpected. But I hope my online round experience will help you to prepare and ace it easily! 🙂

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