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OYO Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 21 May, 2019

Round 1 : Two questions on hackerrank to be solved in 1.5 hours
Round 2: Interviewer asked the rotten orange problem that has been quite repetitive in oyo interviews (Rotten oranges) . I answered him using two different approaches, but he wasn’t happy with my original approach. He asked me to write code for the other breadth-first search approach.I did and iterated with him using an example.It was working well. Somehow the interviewer had his ego hurt because I told him that my approach was as better as the other one and there was no difference in time/space complexity of both the approaches. At the end of interview I told this guy that the same question has been listed on GFG for OYO multiple times. This man’s ego was so small that he rejected me for giving him a feedback on his question. Thats how your fellow colleagues will be if you join there.

Round 3: The HR having realised unprofessional behaviour of their employee gave me another round. The interviewer was good. He asked to design Call Center LLD, one simple question that used max heap, Indexing concepts in database.

Round 4: The interviewer asked maximum square in a matrix problem, to design a room booking system in office(LLD).

Still waiting for revert from OYO.

In all this experience wasn’t as expected. The level of questions was same at all the levels apparently.

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