OYO Internship Interview Experience

Online Test:
There were 3 sections:
1) Quant(25 questions)
2) SQL query writing(3 questions)
3) Technical MCQ(15 questions mainly on SQL, R and Python)

Basic Quant and a bit practice of SQL is enough.

Group Discussion:
GD was basically on a case study which was given to all of the 9 students present in the group. Initially each of us were given chance to express our views turn by turn and then actual discussion started.

Personal Interview: There were 2 back-to-back rounds of PI. The first round started with discussing ALL the projects/internships, followed by two puzzles, followed by a case study, followed by a general HR question: Why you want to join Oyo?
After this, I was asked to choose my profile between BA and Project Associate, and the reason for choosing one.
I fumbled a lot in explaining my Projects, although I solved both the puzzles, which is when he started considering my application. Again, the case study was on the emerging problem of a Hospitality start-up(Oyo it is).

P.S. Try to solve some general puzzles from GeeksforGeeks to be confident and honest.
Finally 12 students were selected.

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