Oxigen Wallet Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

It was 3 round process.

Round 1:
There were 2 online coding question on cocubes.
1. Find the sum of all non repeating element.
2. Find the next smallest number of a given number by swapping the digits of the number.

Round 2:
1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Explain the previous round questions.
3. I was asked some question from their presentation and from my resume.

Round 3 with CTO:
1. What is trie, write code to create and implement a dictionary.
2. Write code to create function getWord(string str) ,which take string as input and return list of all the words starting with string present in our dictionary .eg str=”mo” so it should return everything starting with “mo”
3. What is final, finally, finalize in java.
4. What is third normal form.
5. What is denormalization.
6. What is left outer join, right outer join, inner join etc.
7. What is virtual and pure virtual function in c++.
8. What is copy constructor.
9. what is b-tree
10 .diff b/w get post
11. http and https

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